“Without Sidney Crosby, he would be #1 center in the World”


  • According to Malkin’s wife, Anna Kasterova, if he was playing for an other team, his production would explode.

(Google Translate from Sport-Express)

“When” Sid “gets injured, Evgeni becomes number 1, said Kasterova in an interview with Sport-Express. Have I ever wondered what would happen if he was alone on the team? (Without Crosby) He would probably be number 1 in the entire hockey world, given the talent and intelligence he has. “

“If he was the team’s first center player and was captain, he would be the best,” she said. I try to be objective. Everyone plays for their captain, because everyone has to support him. When “Sid” was injured and he missed more than a month, Evgeni had the fate of the club in his hands and that’s how his stats got better. ”

“Pittsburgh almost never lost at that time. It was top level hockey, which proves once again that he is at the top. ”

  • The 33-year-old’s wife’ would be open to a new destination if the opportunity came up.
  • However, according to him, this possibility does not appear any time soon for him or the organization.

“If he consulted me, I would like to move to one of the most beautiful cities where he could lift the team. He would probably say no, she warned. If he wins a fourth Stanley Cup, it will most probably be in Pittsburgh. ”

“There is a great atmosphere with the management, the coaching staff and the whole team, which is very important. Pittsburgh has it all. They love him there and he likes it too. “

  • Crosby and Malkin share what Kasterova describes as “healthy competition,” as well as being close outside the rink.

“They are good friends. They support each other sincerely, she said. Each year, Sid invites us to his Super Bowl party. His wife Katie cooks. She is a very pleasant and welcoming woman. ”

“All the players complement each other like a puzzle. They are all friendly and kind without being pretentious. ”

Sources & Credits: Sport-Express / Google Translate
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