Tony DeAngelo comments on the current situation


  • Poor DeAngelo, the dude tries to make a statement to help the situation but all it does is get things worse.


  • It’s fair to say that with that kind of statement and considering that DeAngelo was suspended in 2014 for racial slurs in juniors, people are not that quick to forgive and forget.

  • But here’s the thing… You stay quiet, you’re complicit.
  • You say something generic, you’re insincere.
  • You say what’s on your mind, you’re wrong.
  • Everyone will bring up his actions in 2014 when he was suspended for racial slurs … but he was only 18 at the time.
  • Is there a 18 year old who isn’t an idiot?
  • If we constantly look into the past and use past actions as a weapon we remove peoples’ ability to move forward.
  • Growth is present and future, there is no retrospective growth.
Sources & Credits: Tony DeAngelo, Twitter
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