Colorado Avalanche Vladislav Kamenev was hospitalized for pneumonia due to COVID-19


  • Colorado Avalanche forward Vladislav Kamenev was first hospitalized in April for pneumonia with signs of coronavirus, and is now in the hospital with appendicitis, the agency’s source told RIA Novosti,
  • His father Dmitry confirmed the information.

“My son had pneumonia,” Dmitry Kamenev said over the phone. “Of course, in the current situation he was immediately tested for coronavirus, and the first turned out to be positive. He was kept in hospital for two weeks, while all other tests were negative. The whole family, with whom he was in contact during the whole week, was tested and also showed a negative result, none of us had any symptoms. Therefore, I am inclined to the fact that he had the usual pneumonia, I do not believe it was coronavirus.”

  • That’S a weird statement!!!
  • And then, after being discharged from the hospital, Kamenev was hospitalized for the second time due to appendicitis.

“On Saturday he had his appendicitis removed, he is still in the hospital. He should be discharged tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I think that he needs two or three weeks of rest, after which it will be possible to begin preparations for the resumption of the season. You still need to know where, when and what to prepare for, “said the father of the hockey player.

Sources & Credits: / RIA Novosti
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