Tyson Barrie doesn’t want to play in Toronto


  • That statement is pretty clear he doesn’t fit under the cap here and every single person knows it.

“It’s got to be the right fit. I think it has to be a spot where they are in need of someone like myself. A good team headed in the right direction and a good organization. I think there’s a lot of right organizations that tick those boxes.”

  • That’s really not subtle at all with being under contract…
  • He’s only saying the truth
  • Toronto already has offensive defensemen who can run a powerplay.
  • The leafs are a decent fit, but if he can go somewhere with cap space and in need of RHD/offensive upgrades to push them over the top, then that’s where he will succeed.
  • Goodbye Tyson!!!
Sources & Credits: Kristen Shilton, Twitter
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