NHL restart plans intensify with player health concerns at forefront


  • According to Larry Brooks from the NY Post, Toronto and Columbus are leading contenders to become two of the host cities.
  • The plan would be for all teams to hold their training camps of up to three weeks at their assigned centralized locations.
  • This means players on clubs that advance deep into the playoffs following the planned hypothetical completion of the regular season would be segregated from society — and, more to the point, their families — for nearly four months.
  • Though the league would like to divide the quadrants into divisions, that may not be possible if geography is taken into account.
  • For instance, if Toronto hosts the Atlantic Division, that would be relatively convenient for the Leafs, Senators, Canadiens, Bruins, Red Wings and Sabres, but not at all for the Lightning and Panthers.
  • If a southern city is chosen as a host site, the Florida teams might be assigned to that location.
  • But that is secondary, as is the fact much of the league’s interest in setting up shop in Canada is based on the currency conversion rate under which the Canadian dollar is now at 71 cents compared to the U.S. dollar.
  • Costs matter.
Sources & Credits: Larry Brooks, NY Post
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