TD Garden ushers receive more bad news, they’ve been laid off


  • TD Garden workers already left in the financial lurch for missed Bruins and Celtics games received more bad news on Tuesday.
  • They were officially laid off.
  • The Garden and the Bruins delivered the news to hundreds of part-time ushers, a move made in response to the COVID-19 outbreak that has shut down the NHL and NBA, as well as nearly all professional sports leagues.
  • In a letter regarding the “Operational Impact of Coronavirus,” the part-time workforce was told it “will not be scheduled until the conditions at our unit allows us to resume normal operations.
  • As this situation is rapidly evolving, we will continue to update you with the anticipated date that we will resume business.”
  • For one part-time usher, the letter was the first written communication from Delaware North, owner of TD Garden, since the sports world began to shut down on March 11.
  • The letter stated that the workers “may be eligible” for unemployment compensation benefits.
  • The layoff letter came just three days after Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, whose family business is Delaware North, said it would set aside $1.5 million to pay Bruins and Garden employees for missed home games, but not until and unless the games were officially canceled, which could be weeks or months from now.
  • The Bruins were the last team in the NHL to address its workers’ concerns.
Sources & Credits: Michael Silverman, Boston Globe
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