Sabourin tossed for squirting water at Scheifele


  • Ottawa Senators forward Scott Sabourin was given a game misconduct for squirting water at Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Scheifele.
  • That’s right folks, Sabourin was awarded a game misconduct after he sprayed a little H2O on the Jets’ leading scorer.
  • Come on ref … He was trying to help resurface the ice
  • The water didn’t even hit Scheifele in the face, but the officials still deemed it enough to throw him out.
  • So Sabourin squirting a water bottle at Scheifele is a game misconduct, but Chara trying to kill Gallagher is just a minor and a fine?
  • But as we all know … Boston lives outside the rules.

Sources & Credits:; Bardown
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