Mikko Rantanen to start mandatory Finnish military service this summer


  • There is are very strict conscription laws in Finland.
  • Every physically-able male born in Finland must serve at least six months in the military, or 13 months in the civil service, before they turn 29.
  • There are absolutely no exceptions, and those who don’t fulfill the requirement are imprisoned.
  • Mikko Rantanen is 23 – 24 in October.
  • He has yet to fulfill any of his conscription duties,
  • When asked about it on Thursday morning, he said he will start doing so this summer.
  • He said he will do the six-month military hitch, which means he will train with guns in the Finnish countryside, living in barracks with other normal young Finnish males (females are exempt from any conscription duty).
  • Rantanen can do his time in stages.
  • He can do, say, a couple months this summer, maybe a couple more next summer and a couple more after that.

“If we go to the (Cup) Finals, there is less time in the summer, and training camp is September. So, we’ll see what kind of time I’ll do this summer,” Rantanen told Colorado Hockey Now.

Sources & Credits: Adrian Dater, Colorado Hockey Now
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