Brad Marchand & Jeff Petry Tumble To The Ice After Losing Their Cool


  • Brad Marchand and Jeff Petry mixed it up behind the play, resulting in them both tumbling to the ice in a fight-turned-wrestling match.
  • Petry put the old rat trap on him.
  • A spear to the nuts…. What a class act by Marchand
  • How he didnt get a major right there is amazing.
  • Normal penalty calls don’t count when you’re a rat
  • Marchand doesn’t fight, he falls and tries to punch guys when they’re down.
  • One fight we would really like to see would be Max Domi against Marchand…. the two are about the same size and we’re pretty sure a lot of people in the league would love to see Domi give him a beating.
Sources & Credits: Youtube, Sportsnet
NHL Highlights | Canadiens vs. Bruins – Feb. 12, 2020

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