Who is the dirtiest player in the league?


  • Players were a little hesitant to answer.
  • Some took issue with the concept of dirty players altogether.

“Nobody’s dirty,” a Pacific Division player said. “I know guys who are cheap. There are a lot of rats in the league. (Matthew) Tkachuk’s a rat. Brad Marchand’s a rat. But I wouldn’t call them dirty.”

  • Others disagreed and had lots to say about Marchand, in particular.
  • Let’s go with a sampling from all four divisions.

“Marchand can do some shady shit.” — a Pacific Division player.

“Let’s go with Brad Marchand. He’s a little prick.” — a Metro Division player.

“It’s disgusting what the league lets Marchand get away with. He’s got no respect for anybody. Makes me sick.” — a Central Division player.

“It’s just the little things he tries to get away with, and you can’t get away with things now just because there are so many cameras. But it’s the little shoulders to the chin, elbows to the chin, small things, slash the goalie in the back of the knees. Those types of things. But he is upfront about it.” — an Atlantic Division player.

  • Capitals winger Tom Wilson is close behind and in the same mold of “dirty” yet effective.

“I was thinking Tom Wilson,” a Pacific Division player said. “He does some stupid shit. But he can play the game at least. He walks the edge and is very effective to his team.”

Sources & Credits: By The Athletic, NHL Staff
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