Who is the best and worst referee in the league?


  • This was the toughest question to get answers to. Of our 392 players, only about half gave an answer for best referee and only about 38 percent had an answer for worst ref. So we’ve got a smaller sample size here, take the results with an added grain of salt.
  • And it’s not because players didn’t want to talk about refs – it’s because they don’t know them.
  • For every “I don’t want to shit on anybody” response there were many more variations of “I just don’t know their names.”
  • Those who did, though, have strong opinions.

“Best is probably Wes McCauley. Just a good communicator, he’s honest with you when you get a penalty or when you do something he didn’t call, he gives you fair warning. He’s one of the better ones,” an Atlantic Division player said.

“I like all the old guys,” said a Central Division player. “All the older refs that don’t get super defensive and offended, and are not afraid to say ‘Fuck you’ right back.”

  • Despite the smaller sample size, some players certainly seemed to know Justin St. Pierre’s name.

“St. Pierre may be the most arrogant human being I’ve ever seen. It’s honestly like he hates the players. He treats everybody like shit.” — a Central Division player.

“(St. Pierre) is the worst. Bar none. Bar. None.” — a Metro Division player.

“I hate picking (St. Pierre) because he’ll probably be happy if he wins it.” — a Metro Division player.

Sources & Credits: The Athletic, NHL Staff
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