Alex Stalock Gives Corey Perry A Piece Of His Mind After Knee To Head


  • Dallas Stars’ Corey Perry drove the net hard and collided with Alex Stalock, hitting him in the head with his knee.
  • The Minnesota Wild goalie then gave Perry a piece of his mind… letting him know how much of a douchebag he is.
  • Corey Perry making dangerous hits to the head? … Are we surprised!!!
  • Rask getting hit in the head and now Perry kneeing Stalock.
  • This is unacceptable and if it were the old days those players would have their heads taken off!
  • Funny how Perry does a lot of things ‘by accident’ all the time.
  • NHL please start giving out real suspensions… This is exactly what happens when you only give them a two game slaps on the wrist.
Sources & Credits: Youtube
NHL Highlights | Stars @ Wild 1/18/20

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