Lias Andersson’s dad on situation with Rangers


  • Lias Andersson’s dad on situation with Rangers:

“People are saying it’s about him playing in the AHL, but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with that”

  • A few days ago Lias Andersson spoke about the situation with him and the Rangers for the first time, saying his decision to leave the team had to do with him taking care of his mental health.
  • Now his dad Niklas Andersson, currently working for the LA Kings, have talked about it in an interview with Aftonbladet.

I feel like Lias has been very clear with the media that this has nothing to do with him playing in the AHL. Still people keep mentioning it, they just don’t get it.I’m proud and happy for Lias for taking this decision, I 1000 percent support him just as I hope any parent would. He hasn’t been feeling well which is sad, and the important thing now is that he focuses on that and on his own well being.I can talk about the details even less than Lias can. That’s for Lias to do when he feels ready.

We can’t talk about him starting to play hockey again right now. It’s much more important for him to find happiness in life again. That means more than anything else.

  • And if you remember well, it was Lias Andersson who ejected the silver medal upon the ice out into the crowd during the 2018 World Juniors.

  • When Lias Andersson feels pain and failure in his heart, it is difficult for him to deal with it.
  • It is difficult for everyone, but Lias Andersson feels sick from underperformance, he cannot recover afterward.
  • It has become a vicious cycle for Lias.
  • The more he underperforms, the more he stress and the less he performs.
  • Sometimes, there is no solution, but if the present circumstances provide no improvement, some great change may be required.
  • Lias needs to start some retrospection and look at himself in the mirror.
  • It’s not a question of talent and will, it’s about learning how to deal with your own emotions and expectations.
Sources & Credits: Aftonbladet, Reddit, u/balderismo



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