Henke’s pep talk to Swedish Jr national team (Eng subs)


  • If you haven’t watch Henrik Lundqvist’s new Head & Shoulders commercial there it is.
  • King Henrik has been at this thing for a minute, and we can’t think of anyone better suited to gas up the Swedish team in advance of the World Juniors.
  • That’s the general gist of Henrik Lundqvist’s new commercial with Head and Shoulders, except… his advice for the team isn’t what you think it’s going to be.
  • All that dramatic build-up, just to spill the big secret of shampooing first.
  • As if anyone who applies conditioner before shampoo seriously has their life put together enough to make a World Juniors roster!
  • With that glorious loaf, Lundqvist is an obvious choice to sell shampoo.
  • He’s a mainstay on Sports Illustrated’s annual Fashionable 50 for the most well-dressed in sports, so what we’re getting at is, the guy’s doing pretty well for himself, on and off the ice.
Sources & Credits: Reddit, Head and Shoulders, Bardown
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