Nicolas Deslauriers Stops Kurtis MacDermid From Taking Helmet Off Before Fight

  • Nicolas Deslauriers and Kurtis MacDermid dropped the gloves in a spirited old school hockey fight.
  • Young players, and all the progress and growing pains that come with them, dominate SoCal’s neighborhood NHL rivalry these days
  • Someday, the Ducks and Kings will be good again, and their games against each other will have playoff implications like the good old days.
  • It could be sooner, but it more likely will be later.
  • In the meantime, SoCal’s NHL rivalry is interesting in more subtle ways, as long as the observer understands the greater ambitions for these franchises.
  • Success is measured in little things, in the ways the young players both sides possess stick to their systems, reduce mistakes and turn them into positive moments.
  • Thursday night it was the Kings’ turn to celebrate on the ice, their 2-1 victory ending an 11-game road losing streak.
  • It included goals from veteran Jeff Carter and youngster Matt Luff, a 36-save performance from Jonathan Quick that brought back visions of a time when elite goaltending made the Kings an elite team, and an old-school, toe-to-toe heavyweight brawl between former teammates, the Kings’ Kurtis MacDermid and the Ducks’ Nic Deslauriers.
  • The latter, which took place midway through the second period and went to MacDermid on what This Space would consider a split decision, livened things up considerably.
  • The back story was that the two were roommates in the Kings’ development camp years ago, and from the way they comported themselves during the fight and afterward, the mutual respect was evident.

  • MacDermid, a rugged 6-foot-5, 233-pound defenseman who was signed as an undrafted free agent, is an example of the type of player who, developed successfully, can be a mainstay of this rivalry in the future.
  • He’s played the bulk of the last four seasons in Ontario, with 34 games with the Kings in 2017-18 and 11 last season, and he is a minus-3 in 18 games with the Kings this year.
  • But there is significant progress there.
  • How much did McClellan know about MacDermid before he took the job?

“Dermie? You know, those type of players, you know a little bit about,” he said. “They carry reputations. I didn’t know that he was as effective a player as he was. And he just continues to show us night after night that he’s very capable of playing.”

Sources & Credits: Los Angeles Daily News
NHL Highlights | Kings vs. Ducks – Dec. 12, 2019

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