Ladies and gentlemen: Tim Thomas.


  • Former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas makes a rare public appearance ahead of US Hockey Hall of Fame.

“I couldn’t keep up with watching a game for a few years after I stopped playing… My brain wasn’t functioning well enough to watch a game. So I sat in the woods for a few years.”

  • Tim Thomas is tearing up discussing the brain damage he suffered after hockey.
  • He said he was never the same after a concussion his final season in Florida.
  • He finished out season but couldn’t watch hockey for years after retiring.

“I couldn’t follow the game anymore. My brain wasn’t functioning well enough to be able to keep up with the game.”

“The was a time period where I hated the game. My rebound effect was, this wasn’t worth it.”

“I’ve struggled mightily with how do I process the experience that I’ve been through and rectify that with the love of the game that I had my whole life until I crashed.”

  • Thomas was inducted into UVM’s Hall of Fame in 2007 and is Vermont’s career record holder in games played, wins and total saves.
  • As a pro, Thomas spent nearly a decade playing in Europe and the U.S. minor leagues before joining the Boston Bruins full time in the 2006-2007 season.
  • He is one of two goaltenders in NHL history to win the Conn Smythe and the Vezina, the award given to the league’s top goaltender, in a single season.
Sources & Credits: Emily Kaplan
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