Carey Price is great, and that is leadership.


  • In the video below, you can see Tkachuk collecting the puck from his net.
  • Then, Price heads over to Primeau to congratulate him and then you quickly see him skate over to Tkachuk, where we found out he got the precious puck back.

  • Asked after the game whether Tkachuk was trying to steal the puck, this is what Price had to say:

“I think so. I was watching to see what happened to the puck and just saw him scoop it up.”

  • Forward Brendan Gallagher wasn’t not surprised that Tkachuk would pull something like that.
  • For his part, there is no doubt in Brendan Gallagher’s eyes that this is exactly what Tkachuk, one of the worst pests in the league, was trying to do:

“Of course he was,” Gallagher said when asked the same question.

  • Tkachuk was asked about it Thursday, and he pleaded innocence.

“Honestly, I didn’t even realize it was his first win puck,” he told The Athletic’s Chris Stevenson. “I know (Primeau). I played with him at the U18 Worlds and we won a gold medal together. I know him pretty well. Honestly, I didn’t even think of it. When I saw him, I was like ‘Oh, OK.’ I didn’t even realize. I was just going to give the puck to a kid in the stands.”

Sources & Credits: Here's your replay, Hockey Feed

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