Mike Hoffman Erik Karlsson Scuffle


  • During their 1st shift of the game between the Florida Panthers and San Jose Sharks, Mike Hoffman and Erik Karlsson went at it with pushing and shoving.
  • Their problems date back to a couple of years ago, when both were teammates on the Ottawa Senators.
  • Karlsson’s wife filed for an order of protection due to cyberbullying and stalking on Mike Hoffman’s then girlfriend.
  • Eventually both players were traded.
  • When Hoffman and Karlsson found themselves on the ice together on Sunday it was obvious that Hoffman had something to share.
  • The Panthers forward stopped short of really going after Karlsson but he took a firm grip on his jersey and had a few choice words for the Sharks defenseman after a stoppage in play.
  • To his credit Karlsson did not appear to be the least bit phased by the incident and in fact could be seen laughing away on the Sharks bench after he returned from the brief altercation with Hoffman.
  • Karlsson may have been laughing outwardly but as it turns out he had just been challenged to answer the call, at least according to Hoffman, but had refused to do so for whatever reason.
  • Speaking to the media after the game Hoffman, who has never had a fight during his entire career in the National Hockey League, told reporters that he attempted to fight Karlsson.
  • According to Hoffman however the San Jose Sharks defenseman was unwilling to step up to the challenge in spite Hoffman insisting that they drop the gloves.

“I have been thinking about this game for a long time,” Hoffman said as per The Athletic. “It is a part of hockey.”

“He actually played tonight and I asked if he wanted to go and obviously he did not,” Hoffman said afterward. “I chased him around for an entire shift, kept asking and asking. He wouldn’t. He kept saying ‘I am not fighting you.’” 

Sources & Credits: Corey Little, Youtube, The rat Trick, Hockeyfeed
NHL Highlights | Sharks vs. Panthers – Dec. 08, 2019


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