Drew Doughty doesn’t like visiting Calgary


  • Friends, in case you were on the fence about Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty, here’s another reason to dislike that individual.
  • Speaking with the media in Edmonton on Friday prior to the Kings’ loss to the Oilers, Doughty shared a shocking tidbit: he prefers visiting Edmonton to visiting Calgary.

“I like coming (to Edmonton) — I’m always excited to play against Connor, as much as he’s way better than me. It’s still a lot of fun playing against him, and if I ever do win that matchup, I’ll have a lot of pride from it,” said Doughty as per Sportsnet.

“Calgary’s not the same. I don’t care to talk to their media. I don’t care to be there, to be honest. I do enjoy winning there — that’s for sure. It’s fun, winning in Calgary.”

  • While Doughty has developed a very special relationship with Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk over the past few seasons – one built entirely on mutual respect and admiration, I’m sure – the Flames and Kings have become pretty significant rivals.
  • The emergence of Johnny Gaudreau as a top-flight NHL star coincided with a hat trick he scored at Staples Center in 2014 in the final game before the Christmas Break.
  • The Flames famously killed the Kings’ playoff hopes in 2015 in their last home game of the season.
  • Heck, Jarome Iginla’s last game in the Saddledome as a player came as a member of the Kings – and featured Iginla nearly fighting Mark Giordano.
  • As for Doughty?
  • Perhaps the reason he loves winning in Calgary so much is that he hasn’t done in an overwhelming amount: in 23 trips to Calgary over his career, he’s only been on the winning side of 12 visits (just over half).
  • The Flames host the Kings on Saturday night in the late game on Hockey Night in Canada.
Sources & Credits: Danny Auston, Flames Nation
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