Joe Thornton Snaps And Punches Goalie Petr Mrazek In The Face, Scrum Ensues


  • San Jose Sharks star Joe Thornton is one of the top playmakers in NHL history and he picked up the 1,075th assist of his career Thursday night.
  • He also gets into the occasional fight, including one in which he lost part of his beard.
  • But his game against the Carolina Hurricanes might have been a first because he took down a goaltender with one punch.
  • That was Petr Mrazek, who was upset that Thornton had poked at a puck that he had covered in the crease.
  • Mrazek swung his stick at the center and missed, then went out of his crease to challenge Thornton.
  • Thornton swung his fist, and he didn’t miss, catching Mrazek square in the mask.
  • Mrazek went down like a shot and stayed down while a scrum broke out behind the Hurricanes net.
  • But he did get up and stayed in the game. Thornton got four penalty minutes to Mrazek’s two, though Carolina couldn’t take advantage of the power play.
  • Mrazek eventually got the upper hand as he stopped all three shootout attempts in a 3-2 victory.

“To be honest, it’s even better,” he told reporters about the punch. “You feel like you’re in the game and you want to make saves for the guys and get the win.”

Sources & Credits: USA Today

NHL Highlights | Sharks vs Hurricanes – Dec. 5, 2019

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