Kid drills rival’s head into boards in no contact hockey game!

  • An angry mother took to social media to speak out for her young son who suffered a concussion on a dangerous play.
  • During a no contact game, her son’s head was drilled first into the boards by an opponent, who decided that the rules did not apply to him.
  • To add insult to injury, the assailant’s father complained to the league and his son’s two-game suspension was therefore overturned.
  • His father should have accepted the suspension and made sure the kid knows why he was suspended and the consequences for breaking the rules…
  • Dads like this is exactly why some kids these days don’t follow any rules or authority
  • The mother of the young victim points out that her son has missed school, hockey and is now dealing with the symptoms that come with a concussion.
  • On a positive note, former NHL player Daniel Carcillo, reached out to the mother to offer any kind of help for her son’s recovery.

Sources & Credits: Meghan Jonkhans,Hockeyfeed
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