Carey Price Lays Out Brock Nelson With Big Cross Check And Then A Slash In A Battle For Position


  • The New York Islanders, who have been very good on the second half of back-to-backs under Barry Trotz, went into Montreal with high hopes of another sweep.
  • But they either didn’t heed Trotz’s warning that the winless-in-eight Canadiens were dangerous, or they just didn’t have it as the road-worn team against a hungry and capable opponent that started the night honoring all of the captains they have traded away.
  • The Islanders were consistently outplayed, other than a late push in the third period that made things interesting.
  • Still trailing 2-0 yet, as is their relentless habit, retaining a chance to get right back in the game, the Islanders had two power plays late in the second period
  • The second power play was drawn by Brock Nelson after Price leveled him with a crosscheck, a move that somehow only received a warning from referee Dan O’Halloran, so Price ignored his mulligan and slashed Nelson, too.
  • It’s always amusing when fans — and Mike Johnson on TSN — complain that the slash was a “soft” one where Nelson shouldn’t have fallen, thus somehow concluding that both
  • 1) that means it shouldn’t be called at all,
  • And 2) the refs were somehow right to ignore the previous crosscheck that they clearly saw.
  • That second power play bridged into the third period, but the Isles couldn’t generate any good looks with the fresh ice.
  • But they didn’t tie it.
  • The Habs got a breather after an icing, and Shea Weber notched the empty net insurance on a shot from his own goal line.
Sources & Credits: Light house Hockey,

NHL Highlights | Islanders vs. Canadiens – Dec. 3, 2019

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