Brawl breaks out in the crowd at NHL game.


  • A major brawl broke out at the Barclays Center during the Saturday game between the New York Islanders and the Columbus Blue Jackets.
  • At this time is it unclear what started the brawl and it is also unclear if these are rival fans, or just a group of New York Islanders’ fans that simply did not get along with one another.
  • What we do know for certain however is that we now live in a world where everything you do is bound to be recorded as there are now no less than 3 different angles of this one incident circulating on social media.
  • That’s right 3 different people were quick enough to pull out their phones and immediately begin recording the crazy event around them and then all 3 uploaded it to social media.
Sources & Credits: Hockey Feed, NHL Trade Rumors
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