Frederik Andersen’s Unreal Glove Save Brings Fans To Their Feet


  • The Toronto Maple Leafs got some retribution over the Buffalo Sabres with Frederik Andersen backstopping them to victory.
  • John Tavares might have scored the overtime winner but Frederik Andersen was the hero for the Toronto Maple Leafs in their overtime win over the Buffalo Sabres.

  • The Leafs might have outshot the Sabres but there were times where Andersen had to make some unreal saves especially in overtime.
  • If there is a big reason why the Leafs continue to find success under Sheldon Keefe, you can point to Andersen as a big reason.
  • He has now won four straight starts and in only one of those games have the Leafs allowed less than 30 shots on goal.
  • This is something we have come to expect from Andersen during his time in Toronto and it will need to continue as the Leafs try to remain among the top three in the Atlantic division.
  • There were many moments where the game could have shifted in either direction for the Leafs but fortunately for them, the 30-year-old was able to stand tall especially on an unreal glove save that had to be reviewed to make sure the puck didn’t cross the goal line.
  • This is why people were making a big deal about having a steady backup goalie behind Andersen because if he gets overworked or injured (god forbid), the Leafs would be in some serious trouble.
  • At the time being, the Leafs will take performances like this from Andersen and hopefully, their star players can come through with more big goals.
Sources & Credits: David Morassutti, Tip of the Tower

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