NHL coach not named Bill Peters kicked me, too


  • Sean Avery, one of the best agitators and possibly one of the most hated players to ever play in the NHL, is recounting his own incident of receiving a hard kick from a coach.
  • Stories of coaches getting physical with players have come to light a lot recently as many are revealing incidents they see as crossing a line.
  • Avery tells the New York Post he was playing under Marc Crawford with the LA Kings on December 23rd of 2006 when he was responsible for the Kings getting a too many men on the ice penalty.
  • LA was playing Nashville at the time, and the Predators scored on the penalty, going on to win the game 7-0.

“This was right after I [messed] up a drill and dumped the puck into the wrong corner, and it landed on Crow’s head and cut him for six [stitches],” Avery said. “He kicked me during a game.”

“Oh, so he kicked you during the next game because of the drill?” I naturally inquired.

“No, he kicked me after a too-many-men-on-the-ice call I took,” Avery said. “He didn’t have me serve it, we got scored on, and he let me have it.

  • Avery indicated he’s more amused than upset over the incident, which seem to be a much different response than many others are having regarding their own tales of being kicked and/or punched by coaches.
  • Less than two months after, Avery was traded to the New York Rangers for the first time. He says the kick was not the reason why.
  • Larry Brooks asked Avery if that what the reason he got traded, here’s his answer

“That was because I squared off with and tried to fight Mark Hardy, who was one of our assistant coaches, on the ice,” said Avery.

“Matty Nordstrom saved his life.”

Sources & Credits: Larry Brooks, NY Post, TradeRumors.com



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