Marchand issues apology to NHL’s concussion spotters after calling them out in the media


  • The Boston Bruins managed to defeat the New York Rangers 3-2 in overtime on Friday afternoon, but that didn’t stop Brad Marchand from calling out the league’s concussion spotters almost immediately after the game.
  • Marchand seemed a little dazed after attempting to hit Jacob Trouba in the second period, but wasn’t pulled off the ice until the opening minutes of the third period.

    • Marchand didn’t shy away from sharing his feelings about the situation during his post-game scrum.
    • But hours after digesting the entire situation the Bruins star issued an apology on social media.


  • Perhaps Marchand was nervous about getting slapped with a fine or a suspension, or perhaps he just genuinely had a change of heart and realized he went a little over the top once he cooled down and it was all said and done.
  • This all came after a win, too. Imagine what he would have said if the Bruins lost the game…
Sources & Credits: Brad Marchand, Bardown
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