Gallagher loses his cool against Subban


  • One of the shocking things about Tuesday’s 8-1 loss to the Bruins is that the Canadiens seemed to quit in the third period.
  • No player in bleu-blanc-rouge even got mad as the Bruins kept scoring goals.
  • Brendan Gallagher got mad during the third period against the Devils and went after former teammate P.K. Subban, knocking him to the ice after a whistle had blown.
  • Gallagher and he were going at it throughout the entire contest.
  • At one point, Gallagher clearly had enough of his former teammate and took matters into his own hands, even if the referees held a close watch on the pair.
  • That did not stop Gallagher from spearing Subban in the groin area.

“It wasn’t frustration,” Gallagher said after the game. “At some point you just try to spark whatever it is. I tried it, it obviously didn’t work.

“You have to use your emotions,” Gallagher added. “Every individual sees it a little bit different. You have to be able to have a good understanding of your emotional level and I try to use it the best that I can.”

  • As usual, Gallagher was sitting in his stall waiting to meet the media when the locker-room was opened up after the game. He’s always there — win or lose.
Sources & Credits: Here's your replay, Stu Cowan, The Montreal Gazette, Hockey Feed

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