Brad Marchand rips concussion officials for long delay in pulling him out of game



  • Seemingly out of nowhere, Brad Marchand smashed his stick on the bench. As he walked to the Bruins’ dressing room, he chucked the butt end down the hall.
  • What had him so mad?
  • A concussion spotter pulled Marchand, tied for second in the NHL in goals (18), off the ice after his first shift in the third period of the Bruins’ 3-2 overtime win over the Rangers at TD Garden Friday.
  • The Bruins were irritated that league officials didn’t make the move earlier — specifically after Marchand skated away dazed after taking an errant Jacob Trouba elbow to the face with 27 seconds left in the second period.

“That’s embarrassing,” Marchand grumbled, speaking with a gravelly throat. “I mean, they had 30 minutes, 20 minutes to sit there and review the tape and call that in, but they made me come out in a 2-1 game as we’re starting to get momentum.

“To do that . . . guys up there are busy eating pizza and cheeseburgers and can’t watch the game, so, maybe next time pull his head out of his butt and watch the game.”

  • Did he receive any explanation?

“No,” Marchand said. “Guy’s sleeping out there.”

  • Last season, the NHL installed an off-ice official in every rink to watch for potential head injuries and remove players from play as necessary.
  • Marchand showed immediate symptoms of a head injury after he took the Trouba elbow.
  • He skated away from the corner with his head bowed, blinking his eyes.
  • But he was on the bench for the start of the third period, and hopped the boards in the first minute to battle in the offensive zone.
  • After an icing, a concussion spotter pulled him at 18:24, leading to the unfortunate end of one of Marchand’s Warrior sticks.
  • Coach Bruce Cassidy, clearly irritated after a game in which his team took six penalties, paused for a moment to collect his thoughts when addressing the Marchand situation.

“This game’s on NBC,” he began. “He gets hit at the end of the second period, and they pull him at the start of the third. To me, we’re trying to market our best players. I thought it was fairly evident when he got hit, and they decided to do it at the start of the third. I don’t know why they wouldn’t do it between periods. There’s an 18-minute intermission.

“I didn’t like the timing of it at all.”

  • Marchand, whom Cassidy said “checked out fine,” does not have a concussion history. He missed about 10 minutes of game action while being checked out, including David Pastrnak’s tying goal 4:27 into the third.
  • When Marchand returned, he didn’t want to get off the ice; his first shift back lasted 2:34.
  • He said he could hear the TD Garden crowd erupt for Pastrnak’s goal.

“So that was nice,” Marchand said. “It was a good feeling, but you want to be out there with the guys. Not sitting in the back room when you shouldn’t be.”

Sources & Credits: Matt Porter Globe Staff
NHL Highlights | Rangers vs Bruins – Nov. 29, 2019

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