This P.K. Subban fan created the weirdest custom jersey we’ve ever seen

  • For a player as popular as P.K. Subban, he has been traded a lot, which has created some sad moments for the fans that repped him the hardest in Montreal and Nashville.
  • Most hockey fans have seen at least one of their favourite players traded, and it just adds a little salt to the wound when you also own when of their jerseys.
  • One fan decided he had a solution to being a fan of Subban through all three different teams and that was combining their jerseys and logos.
  • What came of that idea, well, we’ll let you form your own opinions.
  • Now, it’s one thing if it was just the Canadiens/Predators jersey, because at least there is a clever element there where he has matched up the Habs’ crest with the top of the Predator’s mouth.
  • But with the Devils thrown in, there is no attempt to include it properly.
  • He stood up later in the game, so we got a better look at what’s going on with that logo.


Sources & Credits: Juha Soudunsaari, Bardown




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