Numerous people started breaking the silence and rightfully so. Allegations of harassment and abuse.


  • Flyers assistant coach, ex head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Montreal Canadiens, Michel Therrien was one of the accused.
  • Daniel Carcillo who was a hard-nosed nasty player in the NHL has become one of the main advocates for changing hockey culture to favour player’s safety and mental well being.
  • The ex Flyer tweeted earlier this week about the mind games that Therrien played when he coached him.
  • This spurred declarations from other players who were coached by Therrien about his behaviour.
  • Enrico Ciccone who played the final year of his career with the Montreal Canadiens in 2000-01 under Therrien’s direction spoke about how the coach would bench Gino Odjick all game until the last minute when he sent him out there to fight in order to send a message.
  • He says that he is not surprised at all with Carcillo’s comments as Michel Therrien was always one to bring out his players’ intensity at all cost.
  • Daniel Brière also spoke about Therrien’s methods and one particular incident.

“When I stepped into the room, Therrien started yelling at me while showing me video sequences. He concluded the session by saying: ‘Nobody in the room respects you. Nobody wants to play with you.’ It was deliberately hurtful.”, confessed Brière.

  • However, Brière who is now General Manager of the Maine Mariners in the ECHL and a colleague of Flyers President, Paul Holmgren says that Therrien had completely changed his approach prior to becoming assistant coach in Philly.
  • Such situations did not arise, nor will they according to Brière who concludes by confirming that investigating Therrien was never really in question.
Sources & Credits: Hockey Feed
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