With his famous father in the stands, Brendan Lemieux shows toughness and talent in Rangers’ frantic comeback win


  • Brendan Lemieux, from the bloodlines of a Rangers nemesis and tormenter, is a potential difference-maker for so many reasons, starting with how he plays the game.
  • So there Lemieux sat Saturday night in Montreal, wearing the Broadway Hat to go along with a welt on his face, and a grossly blackened-and-bloodied eye, and a newly broken tooth, after scoring twice and being a general, but effective, pain in the ass in a remarkable comeback from a four-goal deficit in the Rangers’ 6-5 win.
  • They call him “Pepe” because that’s what they called his father, Claude, who, as a Canadiens rookie, once broke the Rangers’ hearts in a 1986 playoff semifinal round, and who, as a Devils veteran, was right in the middle of a post-playoff-game brawl. That series, (won by the Rangers in seven games) in 1992, ended with Claude Lemieux and Tie Domi having words in the handshake line — and to add another layer of irony, Domi’s kid Max was in Montreal’s lineup Saturday.
  • Claude was in the stands Saturday, the Bizarro-world scene of him cheering for the Rangers — the Rangers!
  • Think about that! — as his kid scored.
  • Brendan is all his dad.
  • Claude was a great and skilled player, hated for his irritating style, which lived on the border of dirty, and sometimes (often?) crossed it.
  • Brendan’s the same way, and we’ll see what type of player he becomes in terms of skill.
  • When he got here last season, in the Kevin Hayes deal that brought a first-rounder and Lemieux from Winnipeg, Rangers coach David Quinn said he thought Lemieux will be a top-six player.
  • Maybe he will. Maybe not.
  • This much is for sure: He will be the type of player the Rangers — with all their new young skill players — need now and in the future, although by accepting his qualifying offer over the summer, Lemieux could play himself into a reasonably big contract this season and might make it difficult to keep him.
Sources & Credits: Rick Carpiniello, The Athletic
NHL Highlights | Rangers vs. Canadiens – Nov. 23, 2019

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