The Kings stadium series jerseys apparently leak and they’re being absolutely shredded

  • Sound the alarms, light the beacons! It’s a hockey players favourite internet moment – a jersey has been leaked!
  • Lately hockey fans have been treated to some pretty amazing jerseys. The Vancouver Canucks throwbacks, the Edmonton Oilers alternatives… the NHL has been stepping up in a big way with their jersey game.
  • Well, let’s step that right back down, shall we?
  • According to Icethetics, the latest jersey leak has arrived – the L.A. Kings Stadium Series tarp. It immediately began getting shared all around the internet, for all the wrong reasons.
  • Oof. The half-white, half black threads ​certainly didn’t hit the way the designers would have wanted them to. Hockey fans didn’t hold back in their absolute shredding, and it’s still in the early stages too.
  • Just when we thought the season couldn’t get any worse…
  • These have to be the worst two jerseys of all time
  • Now the question becomes; which Stadium Series jerseys do you like LESS?
Sources & Credits: Bardown, ICETHETICS.COM
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