Could the Canadiens make a pitch for Taylor Hall?


  • SPORTSNET’s Eric Engels took to Twitter citing colleague Elliotte Friedman wondering if Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin will make a big move in this season’s trade market.
  • Engels believes speculation is bound to increase over the possibility of Bergevin pursuing Taylor Hall as a playoff rental.
  • The New Jersey Devils winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July.
  • Engels thinks it’s possible, pointing to the Canadiens’ good play this season, their 12 picks in next year’s draft, and their deep prospect pool.
  • So far, however, all’s quiet on this front.
  • It’ll depend on where the Canadiens are in the standings by February.
  • If they’re riding high in the Eastern Conference, Bergevin could pursue a big-ticket rental like Hall.
  • If they’re struggling to reach the playoffs, it’s not worth wasting assets on a player who might make them, at best, a marginal postseason team.
Sources & Credits: Eric Engels, Elliotte Friedman, Spectors Hockey
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