The Shanaplan: All in on second-year GM, rookie coach


  • Brendan Shanahan may be the most intriguing character in the whole Mike Babcock saga.
  • Presumably, rolling out Sheldon Keefe as head coach is the final stage of the Shanaplan, now in its fifth season.
  • He has now fired nearly everyone he has hired at near the beginning of the Shanaplan, except for GM Kyle Dubas.
  • Dubas is the first executive Shanahan had hired (in June of 2014).
  • Shanahan had been installed as president in April of 2014.
  • You remember the Shanaplan, the scorched earth rebuild of the Toronto Maple Leafs first proposed in January of 2015.
  • The team was underperforming, and presto: Randy Carlyle fired while the team sat in a playoff spot. Veterans traded. In came Peter Horachek and the Give-a-S—t Metre.
  • Then there was an April housecleaning: Scouts. Executives. Coaching staff.
  • Then what was Shanahan supposed to do?
  • He knew what he didn’t want and got rid of everyone associated with it.
  • But what did he want?
  • A winner, to be sure.
  • But how to get there?
  • Hire winners.
  • He’d already hired Dubas and Mark Hunter.
  • Spending was not an issue.
  • The Leafs outspend everybody.
Sources & Credits: Kevin McGran, The Star
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