• Seattle GM Ron Francis divulged that the NHL’s newest franchise wasn’t working on a tight deadline as it pertained to naming the first coach in franchise history.
  • In fact, Francis went as far as to say that it might not be until 2021 that the organization hired a bench boss.
  • But, hey, these things can change in a hurry, and it’s not every day that a three-time conference championship-winning and one-time Stanley Cup-winning bench boss is on the job market.
  • So, this could turn into a matter of striking while the iron is hot.
  • There’s plenty about the Seattle gig that Babcock could find intriguing, too.
  • He’ll no doubt see the job Gerard Gallant has been able to do in Vegas – coincidentally the team against which he coached his final game as Maple Leafs coach – with a blank slate and see potential for the same kind of ground-up success the Golden Knights have experienced.
  • In Seattle, Babcock could have a hand in picking the personnel.
  • No doubt, that is every coach’s dream.
  • And while there’s little reason to believe Seattle is interested in a splashy-for-the-sake-of-it hiring, particularly as the market will be white hot with excitement from Day One, Babcock’s name carries a certain cachet that is going to lend the organization some on-ice credibility on opening night.
  • It’s worth consideration, if nothing else.

Sources & Credits: Jared Clinton, The Hockey News

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