Ryan Straschnitzki takes his first steps following surgery


  • For the first time since that fateful day back in April of 2018, Ryan Straschnitzki has taken his first steps.
  • Ryan’s dad Tom posted the video above on Twitter of Ryan working with his therapists, training his brain to once again learn how to take steps.
  • The two members of the Straschnitzki clan left for Thailand at the beginning of November and Ryan underwent surgery to have a stimulator implanted in his injured back.
  • The stimulator sends electrical currents to the spinal cord to stimulate nerves to move his legs and allow him more core control.
  • The implant can be programmed to stimulate certain nerves that are mapped out by the surgeons and therapists.
  • Ryan was left paralyzed following the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in April of 2018.
  • Tom said seeing Ryan take those steps was a big moment.

“The therapist [said] you’re going for a walk,” Tom explained. “I didn’t think he was ready, I was afraid his knees would buckle or his ankles, but they made him go and he was training his brain.”

“I went holy s#!*, last time he walked was when he walked on to the bus.”

  • Tom said Ryan is happy with the progress, but he knows there’s still a lot of work to do and that this is just one step in a long process.
  • Ryan has a couple more weeks left in Thailand.
  • When they return home he will continue therapy with Synaptic, a private clinic based out of Calgary that specializes in spinal cord injuries.
Sources & Credits: Leah Murray, Discoverairdrie.com
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