D.J. Smith’s mom watching her son coach the final minute of a tense game is peak “hockey mom”


  • D.J. Smith got the good news this summer – his work as the Toronto Maple Leafs as an assistant coach was being rewarded with a head coaching gig in Ottawa.
  • Now that we’re a quarter into the season, the novelty has likely worn off for Smith.
  • While he’s still getting accustom to the job, it’s all business now.
  • Saying that, there was one special moment that came out of the Sens trip to Hockeytown.
  • His mom, Marina, was there.
  • Smith is from Windsor, Ontario. Located directly across the border from Detroit, this was the first chance Smith had to coach in his “hometown”.
  • The moment was made extra special by Marina reacting to the tense final minute of play, with Smith’s Sens defeating the Red Wings 4-3.
Sources & Credits: TSN, Bardown

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