It shouldn’t be the end of the road for Mike Babcock just yet — trading William Nylander might do more good


  • Rosie DiManno from the Toronto Star believes the Maple Leafs might be better-served trading William Nylander than replacing Mike Babcock as head coach. She feels the club hasn’t replaced the emotion Nazem Kadri brought to the lineup before he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche this summer.
  • While it appears Babcock has lost the room, she suggests it’s down to general manager Kyle Dubas for assembling the roster the coach has to work with.
  • Dubas reverence for skill came at the expense of every other hockey dimension.
  • Should the Toronto Maple Leafs consider trading William Nylander to shake things up?
  • DiManno believes something must be done to kick-start the Leafs before it’s too late to save the season.
  • If parting company with Babcock isn’t the answer, then they should make a trade to shake up the team.
  • She suggests it’s down to trading William Nylander or a prospect package that includes Rasmus Sandin “and, seriously, you don’t want to be doing that.
  • ” DiManno acknowledged Dubas’ promise not to trade Nylander but says handshake promises don’t mean squat in pro sports.
  • If Babcock has lost the room, replacing him seems the best option.
  • The danger, however, is it could give the players (especially their young stars) the feeling they’re blameless for the club’s on-ice woes.
  • If the front office stands by Babcock, a shake-up trade is the only option.
  • Dubas promised Nylander he wouldn’t be traded.
  • If he breaks his word, the players could end up distrusting him.
  • Still, if someone offers up a deal that could address the Leafs’ defensive weaknesses, it would be worth serious consideration.
Sources & Credits: Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star, Spectors Hockey
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