That’s the Last Straw: Toronto Maple Leafs Need to Fire Mike Babcock


  • And once again, a Toronto Maple Leafs loss can be laid squarely at the feat of coach Mike Babcock and his useless, ineffective coaching staff.
  • The Leafs were without Mitch Marner.
  • Injuries do matter.
  • The Leafs haven’t played a single game with their best lineup since the 2017-18 season, but their team is made up of about eight all-star worthy players, and it shouldn’t matter.
  • The fact is it’s become way too frustrating to watch this team struggle to play hockey in a way that doesn’t resemble the talent on their roster.
  • There are so many things wrong with the Leafs on a game-to-game basis that it’s now impossible for Mike Babcock to continue as the coach.
  • He just hasn’t done a good job.
  • He is obviously not the man to get the most out of this roster, and the Toronto Maple Leafs need to change him before it’s too late.
  • They just can’t afford to waste this season.
  • They have assembled an absolutely frightening roster that has more talent than any four teams in the league.
  • This is a team that should be fun to watch, even in defeat.
  • But instead, they languish near the bottom of their division, a .500 team for over a year, playing the exact opposite style than they are built to play.
  • Kyle Dubas likes to talk about organizational buy-in, and he doesn’t have it.
  • The Leafs cannot continue to keep playing the way they are playing, and it comes down to the coach.
  • If you are paying a guy $6 million dollars a year, doesn’t it behoove him to think of a few new ideas?
  • Babcock’s only concession to offense was the stretch pass, which was a statistical loser, and now that that’s gone it’s like he’s coaching the 1999 Dallas Stars.
  • But the biggest question is why would the a team with offensive depth the likes of which has never been seen in the salary cap era play in a style opposite of how the roster is composed?
  • An example of this was seen when the Leafs were playing potential worst team in the NHL the Columbus Blue Jackets, in overtime, at home with last change, earlier in the year.
  • Mike Babock put out Rielly, Mathews and Marner.
  • The Blue Jackets countered with Seth Jones, so the Leafs swapped players, keeping their top dogs away from the Jackets best line.
  • But it’s the Cup Contender with 2 x #1 centres and 2 x 60+ point d-men against the worst team in the game.
  • Don’t play not to lose, play to win.
  • It was a pathetic display that showed a complete lack of swagger.
  • Not to mention a lack of confidence and an embarrassing display of over-coaching.
Sources & Credits: James Tanner, Editor in Leafs
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