TD Garden briefly goes dark during Panthers vs. Bruins


  • It’s hard enough to score against the Boston Bruins these days with the lights on and it becomes even more difficult to do so when the team’s arena accidentally provides a built-in advantage.
  • With the Florida Panthers in the midst of generating a high-quality scoring chance via a shot from the slot by Evgeny Dadonov, the lights went out at TD Garden. The timing couldn’t have been more inopportune for the visitors.
  • The chance would have been rendered moot regardless as Rask made the save in the dark, which is almost to be expected considering his sparkling .933 save percentage entering Tuesday’s game.

“That should’ve happened in Game 7 of the finals,” Rask said with a laugh. “That’s never happened. First time today, I guess. It was weird.” 

  • Although TD Garden was built in 1995, Tuesday’s incident isn’t even close to the most consequential time that the lights went out amid a Bruins game.
  • During the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals, a power failure occurred in Game 4 at Boston Garden, causing the contest to be suspended.
  • Edmonton went on to sweep the series when the game was rescheduled and Wayne Gretzky ultimately captured the last Stanley Cup of his unrivalled career.
Sources & Credits: Arun Srinivasan, Yahoo Sports Canada

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