A heavy suspension for Jonathan Diaby


  • The North American Hockey League (LNAH) announced Tuesday that it has suspended Jonquiere player Jonathan Diaby for 10 games.
  • The latter received this sanction for attacking a supporter during a game against the Northern Oilers Friday night in Laval. The Marquis defender was in the penalty box when he got up to physically attack the spectator.

“The acts committed discredit the image of the LNAH. We all want a circuit with high standards and it is not with such behavior that the credibility and reputation of the League will increase, “said the semi-professional circuit in a statement.

“It’s inconceivable that a player will attack a supporter and the LNAH will never condone that kind of behavior.”

  • Last season, Diaby made the headlines when he was the victim of racist remarks during a meeting in Saint-Jerôme.
  • Proponents of the same Laval Oilmen had even insulted family members from the back who were watching the match.
  • Several players and leaders of the LNAH had strongly denounced the behavior of supporters.
  • An attack from the box is nothing new to hockey fans.
  • Who could possibly forget the fan who went after Tie Domi?!

Sources & Credits: EN24, Bardown
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