Habs’ Julien sounds off on officiating vs. Flyers


  • The Montreal Canadiens received a baffling penalty at the end of the third period on Thursday against the Philadelphia Flyers, and coach Claude Julien was predictably infuriated.
  • Midway through the third period in a tie game, the Canadiens changed lines after an icing call because they believed the puck deflected off someone at center ice.
  • They were then handed a delay of game penalty for debating the icing call and not changing back to the same line quick enough.
  • The Canadiens coach didn’t shy away from calling out the officials and how they handled themselves after botching the call.
Here’s what the coach said to reporters about the whole situation:

“Well first of all, the first reaction was that it was touched at centre ice. I think everyone sees that on the replay. But then they say, ‘Okay, so it’s icing.’

“Now you get into ‘What’s the rule?’ You gotta put the same guys on the ice.

“I’m trying to put the same guys back on the ice and they’re not letting me. And I’m telling him that, ‘You want the guys that are on the ice, I’m giving you the guys.’ And he gives me a delay of game penalty.

‘Honestly, I can take a lot of responsibility: Our three Ds on the ice, we had too many men. And most of the penalties tonight—they were penalties. Slashing, hooking, this and that. So we take responsibility for that.

“But there’s a point there that they’ve got to take certain responsibilities, and what’s disappointing me is after that, I don’t know if they felt embarrassed but they made sure that we weren’t going to get any breaks. The stick to (Jonathan) Drouin’s face that everybody saw, (the official) saw it. I know he saw it and decided not to call it. I’m not sold necessarily on the ruling of (Twarynski’s) penalty shot, I’m not sold on that either.

“So I was disappointed in the way it was handled after (the delay of game penalty), and if we embarrassed them, maybe they embarrassed themselves by not letting us do the job that we’re supposed to do by putting the right guys on the ice…

“Our penalty kill tonight, and our goaltender allowed us to get a point tonight. If it wasn’t for them we would have walked out of here with nothing. So give them credit. Hard to get the 5-on-5 going when you’re killing (penalties) all night, but you kind of cut them a little slack as a group. And you can’t criticize the power play, we know that.”

  • The Habs went on to lose to the Flyers in overtime.
Sources & Credits: The Score, Eric Engels, Sportsnet
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