How a five-person committee shaped the Stars’ Winter Classic uniforms


  • Across 85 days, with a video chat meeting that banned the use of cell phones and a five-person committee that included the owner and four pillars of design laid out by the team, the Stars arrived at their Winter Classic uniform.
  • Unveiled on Wednesday morning, the Stars revealed an aesthetic that drew from the city’s hockey history as the Dallas Texans in the 1940s and steered clear of any reference to the franchise’s past in Minnesota.
  • The Stars will play the Predators in the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day in the Cotton Bowl, the southernmost outdoor game in NHL history.
  • The Stars will wear a Victory green jersey with a white yoke along the shoulders and a crest on the chest that features a large “D” with the word “Stars” through the middle of the letter, although the “A” in Stars is a five-pointed star. The helmet will be green. The gloves will be caramel. The pants will be beige.

“Our primary goal, the one that we gave to adidas and the NHL from the outset was: We want a classic hockey look that is uniquely tied to Dallas,” Stars senior vice president of marketing Dan Stuchal said. “That was the mantra we gave them.”

  • The logo is reminiscent of the Texans’ design from the 1940s, when they played first in the minor-league American Hockey Association and then in the United States Hockey League.
  • They stopped playing after the 1948-49 season.
There were four items the Stars wanted to make clear:

1. They didn’t want a black design.

“We didn’t feel like black worked in an outdoor game that is going to be so festive and alive,” Stuchal said. “It just didn’t seem to fit.”

2. They wanted to have their signature Victory green integrated in some way.

3. Didn’t feel like this was the place for a North Stars connection.

“While that’s a part of our history and a really big part of our history and it’s something that we feel a lot of ownership of because it is our franchise and we had several players who went on from Minnesota to play crucial roles with our championship team here, we just didn’t feel like this was the place or the time to do anything like that,” Stuchal said.

4. They were open to different color helmets, gloves, pants and skates.

  • After the video chat meeting, adidas sent back four designs that the Stars cobbled together into the finished product.
  • They discussed whether or not to have a yoke or not, whether to place the Winter Classic patch on the sleeve, the shoulder or the chest, where to place the numbers, whether or not to have laces on the collar.
  • The final design will feature felt fabric for the logo and numbers with silver stitching to give it a retro feel and look.
  • Like Dallas, Nashville will also be wearing uniforms winking to its city’s hockey history as the Nashville Dixie Flyers.
  • But the two teams did not work in concert with each other.
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Sources & Credits: Matthew DeFranks, Dallas News
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