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  • ESPN canvassed the league, asking 50 players which road city do you dread the most?
Winnipeg: 42%
Buffalo: 34%
Edmonton: 10%
Calgary: 4%
Ottawa: 4%
Carolina [Raleigh, N.C.]: 4%
Columbus: 2%

“Winnipeg. It’s always cold. Tough rink to play in. It’s just dirty — you walk around the city and feel like you need to wash your face after you go outside. So nothing about it is very exciting.”

“Winnipeg is just depressing. You don’t even want to leave the hotel to get a cup of coffee.”

“Carolina. The arena is far out. It’s in the middle of nowhere. There’s never anything going on. There’s nice golf, but it’s not like you have time to go play a round. You usually end up spending your whole time there in your hotel.”

“Buffalo is brutal. I don’t think anyone looks forward to going to Buffalo.”

“Buffalo always feels cold and dark. I have an eight-team no-trade list, and that’s one of my cities on it.”

“Buffalo never bothered me because I played for [Atlantic Division team] and we were always in and out. I also found a decent little restaurant downtown, and that’s all I need. You only need to eat out once. The hotel is clean. Although one time I almost got stuck in a jump setup [in Buffalo], on the street walking home from dinner. A guy asked me for my phone. He just said, ‘I need to call.’ He didn’t even say call someone, just ‘I need to make a call.’ I said no. My two teammates were 40 yards away. I was like, ‘Boys, thanks for nothing. I’m on own.'”

“I feel like we always play Edmonton in the middle of winter and it sucks.”

“I’ll say Columbus. Mostly because I can’t think of any other answer, and I really can’t remember any memorable experiences there.”

Sources & Credits: Emily Kaplan, ESPN

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