Which team has the worst visiting locker room?


  • What the players said:
Washington Capitals: 42%
Boston Bruins: 34%
Carolina Hurricanes: 18%
New York Islanders: 4%
Florida Panthers: 2%

“Washington’s showers are so bad. They’re like a prison shower. There’s a pole in the middle, then just spews that come out of that one pole. Not that I care if someone is showering next to me, but it’s just a really weird setup.”

“Boston is brutal. You’re right there next to the rink. It’s cold. You’re not comfortable. If you feel comfortable, you’re going to play well, so that’s probably why they do it. It’s a competitive advantage for them.”

“I’m not a fan of the old Coliseum in Long Island. It’s too long of a walk from the locker room to the ice. I hate making that walk.”

“I don’t really like Florida. Your gear is, like, never dry. It’s just, like, swampy and sticky, and you feel like it smells worse than usual, which says a lot.”

“Carolina isn’t great. It could definitely use an update.”

  • Which team has the best visiting locker room?
Edmonton Oilers: 40%
Vegas Golden Knights: 28%
Detroit Red Wings: 20%
Minnesota Wild: 12%
  • What the players said:

“Edmonton is like a penthouse. There’s so much space.”

“The visiting locker room is the best thing about going to Edmonton.”

“Vegas is huge. Good showers. No one is close to each other. The trainers have their own space, coaches have their own space. Usually you don’t have that as the road team.”

“Detroit’s visiting room is super nice. But it’s not my favorite. Because in Detroit, you walk out and they have this restaurant there for fans right before the entrance to the ice. I usually go out first and like to stand there for a minute or two. But all these fans are knocking on the glass. It’s pretty annoying.” 

Sources & Credits: Emily Kaplan, ESPN
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