Shark and jersey chugs were out in full force


  • The Capitals know how to party.
  • We learned that during their 2018 Stanley Cup celebration, and in our opinion, they’ll hold the wildest celebration title for quite some time.
  • Washington has had quite a few reasons to celebrate league victories in recent years, with the Washington Mystics, Capitals, and most recently, the Nationals, all bringing titles home.
  • Today, the Capitals had the Nationals at their game against the Flames, and the celebrations were as epic as you’d expect.
  • The Caps (even their team pup) all showed up donning Nats jerseys, and the fans followed suit.

  • When the Nats arrived, it was party on.
  • The most iconic moment, though? Definitely Adam Eaton’s TJ Oshie-style jersey chug.

  • Of course, Baby Shark had to play.

  • Legendary.

  • In addition to all this – they were also providing beer to some fans in a creative way.

  • Now, things have also spilled over into the locker room.

  • This looks like quite the party, but according to Evgeny Kuznetsov, it’s still not quite up to par with the Caps’ title celebration.

Evgeny Kuznetsov on the Nationals’ partying: “They look pretty sober. When we was in their situation, I don’t remember anything.”

Sources & Credits: WAS Capitals, Bardown
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