This Habs fan eating mayonnaise out of a jar has us questioning everything


  • Okay, to start: stadium food is kind of nasty in general. No human on this earth was meant to eat a three foot long deep-fried hot dog with bacon and cheese sauce, but whatever.
  • It’s a game night – do as you wish.
  • We also know that sometimes weird foods go well together.
  • In fact, we’ll even acknowledge that french fries dipped in mayonnaise is pretty good. Weird, definitely, but still pretty good.
  • Mayo out of the jar, though?
  • Folks, that is where we draw the line.
  • Tonight, a couple of rogue Habs fans in Dallas just wanted to watch the world burn, and were spotted on the big screen eating mayo with a spoon.
  • We kind of want to put a NSFW warning on this video, but here it is.
  • We almost hope that this is staged, because the idea of eating straight mayo is a little traumatizing.
  • Okay, VERY traumatizing.
Sources & Credits: Dallas Stars, Bardown
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