Hockey Time Machine: Stories behind the scariest goalie masks in NHL history


  • You’ve got to admit, Jacques Plante’s early masks were pretty creepy on their own.
  • With their utterly blank expression and austere cutout designs for the mouth, nose, and eyes, and easily chipped paint, it’s just plain eerie.
  • To the modern fan, they bear a close resemblance to Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s mask in “Silence of the Lambs,” which happens to be the creation of a long-time fiberglass goalie mask maker named Ed Cubberly.
  • He claims he had the whole thing designed it 10 minutes — it was just the bottom half of an old goalie mask design with some metal bars added over the mouth.
  • It wasn’t the only design considered for the movie, however.
  • There are clips of Anthony Hopkins screen-testing a straight bar and a cat’s eye cage, though how anyone could consider anything but the obvious perfection of the half-face fiberglass version is beyond me.
Sources & Credits: JENNIFER CONWAY, Sporting News

Jacques Plante: The Mask

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