Apparently Auston Matthews is a Belieber


  • Justin Bieber makes no secret of his Leafs fandom. The Stratford, Ontario native has been a frequent at games in Toronto over the years, including as recently as this weekend.
  • It turns out the Leafs are reciprocal! Auston Matthews, at least, is a Belieber.
  • He’s loved seeing Bieber at home games, and you can count him as a genuine fan of the music, too.
  • The funny thing about Matthews and Bieber is that they have both had highly publicized moustache phases.
  • Not regrettable, necessarily, but that’s in the eye of the beholder.
  • Anyway, we’re sure this all ends with more Justin Bieber music played at Leafs games. The crowds at Scotiabank Arena will definitely love that!​
Sources & Credits: Sportsnet, Bardown
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