Timbits players give Crosby, MacKinnon amazing ideas to make hockey more fun


  • In our humble opinion, hockey is the funnest sport on the planet and it’s important for every single person that plays this great sport we all love to remember to have fun from Timbits puck all the way to the pros.
  • Speaking of Timbits and pros, fun was the main topic of discussion in this new commercial from Tim Hortons featuring Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, and some Timbits.
  • Piñatas, farting goalie pads, and puppies all need to be implemented into every hockey game and practice from here on out.
  • The dream for kids who love hockey everywhere is to make it to the NHL, but having fun while trying to live out that dream, along with continuing to do so once that dream is accomplished, is what it’s truly all about.
Sources & Credits: Tim Hortons, Bardown
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